Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So This is Washington: The Real Mitt Romney?: The Multiple Choice Politician

Source:So This is Washington- U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) running for reelection in 1994.

Source:The Daily Press 

“Footage from the Romney/Kennedy Debate, October 1994”  

"Mitt Romney Is A Democrat In Republican's Clothing." 

Source:Berkus Baby- U.S. Senate candidate Mitt Romney (Republican, Massachusetts) learning that having multiple positions on multiple issues at a political debate, can be bas for him politically.
From Berkus Baby

Who is Mitt Romney? Which is a question I would like to know the answer too and 18 years later since he started running for office in 1994, I still don’t know the answer too. I think we know who is father was, George Romney who was a Progressive Republican from Michigan and Governor of that state. But his son I think the best answer to that question is he’s whoever he thinks he needs to be at any given time depending on what public office he’s running and what jurisdiction he’s running in.

In 1994 Mitt was a Progressive Northeastern Republican, which is different from being a Progressive Democrat.

In 2002 Mitt when he ran for Governor, I think was still that Progressive Republican, but took harder right-wing stances on social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, because he wanted to run for President in 2008 as a Republican.

In 2012 Mitt sounds like a Neoconservative on foreign policy, national security, and homeland security, and a Tea Party Republican on economic policy, except for trade, because again he wants to be President as a Republican.

It’s that old pop culture cliche will the real Mitt Romney stand up. (Actually, I just invented that myself) The problem with that is there might not be a real Mitt Romney, at least not one Mitt Romney when it comes to politics. And he might not know who he is ideologically either.