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I write a lot about government policy and current affairs, as well as government history in America. I also write a lot about people who at least you could call Classical Progressives, people who really are Progressives, but since they're not really as left-wing as people who are called Democratic Socialists today, the mainstream media tends to call them Centrists and in some cases even Conservatives. But I call them Progressives because they believe in progress and progress through government action (which is what progressivism is actually about) but are to the Right of any Socialist you want to come up with. 

The Daily Review USA Blog is obviously not a current affairs blog, even though we do blog about political satire, as well as stupidity and corruption in government, and big government, as well as political correctness. 

The Daily Review USA is primarily about Classic Hollywood and life and I write about those issues as well, that you can see at The Daily Review

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