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Aaron Schwartz: Danny Schwartz & Alison Martino- Rita Hayworth: Mysteries & Scandals

Source:Donald Zamora- Not sure who's wedding this is, but it's not The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth.
"Rita Hayworth Mysteries & Scandals Produced by Danny Schwartz & Alison Martino." Originally from Alison Martino, but this video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

Source:The Daily Review- The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth.
"We start off learning about her strange relationship with her father before moving on to her break in Hollywood. From here we learn about the various negative things including her affairs and four marriages. From here we learn about various abuses, which led the actress to the bottle and eventually a major health issue. If you're a fan of the series then you'll certainly find enough drama here for two episodes. Those interviewed do a very good job explaining people about Hayworth's rise to fame and the various things that caused her to be a controversial figure."


Source:Daniel Aaron Schwartz- The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth.
From Daniel Aaron Schwartz

Source:Alison Martino- this is from a Mysteries and Scandals documentary about The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth.

If you are familiar with the classic movie channels like Get-TV and Movies, which is an actual name of a movie channel, you’re probably pretty familiar with Rita Hayworth. Because they play her movies practically everyday between both channels. Turner Classic Movies and FOX Movie Channel, plays her movies from time to time as well.

Rita, is still one of the most popular actress’s and Hollywood goddess’ of all-time. I imagine her photos kept soldiers going during World War II. Thinking if they make it back from that war they might get to meet her. She was World War II’s favorite pin-up girl at least on the American side.

A couple actress’s as far as how they worked and lived that you could compare with Rita would be Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Who when they were hot were two of the biggest starlets in Hollywood. But also had very complicated and chaotic personal lives. The problem with that is Rita had a long great career. Marilyn and Jayne died at the ages of 36 and 34 respectfully.

Perhaps the best and closest comparison as far as the type of personal life that they lived and the impact that they both made on Hollywood would be Lana Turner. Who drank too much, dated mobsters and could be very unpredictable. But when they were on their game they were both great actress’s.

Rita Hayworth physically reminds me of Raquel Welch. And not just because they’re both red-head, both of Spanish descent, gorgeous, well-built and really cute, but they could entertain. They were also both great entertainers who could act, sing and dance and humor people and in Raquel’s case still doing all of those things.

Rita, wasn’t a flash in the pan, or what could have been if only she did more of this, or that, or took care of herself, or what have you. Here was an actress who came out in the early 1940s and was still a star in the 1970s. Despite all the personal issues she had when she was not working and perhaps even when she was working. And that is really how she should be remembered. As one of the top Hollywood Goddess’s and actress’s of all-time. 

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