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Talking Pictures TV: The Man Inside (1958) Anita Ekberg and Jack Palance

Source:The Daily Review- Swedish Goddess Anita Ekberg, starring in The Man Inside, from 1958. 
“The Man Inside (1958) Premieres Thur-19-July. Showing on Talking Pictures TV.”

Source:Talking Pictures TV- British actor Sam Carter, playing Patrick in The Man Inside.
From Talking Pictures TV 

"In New York City, Meek accountant Sam Carter has dreamed for years of possessing a famous diamond known as the Tyrahna Blue. After years of planning, Carter decides the time is right for him to steal the diamond from the jewelry concern for which he works. During a brazen robbery, Carter kills a guard, then makes off with the diamond. The insurer of the gem, the Midwest Insurance Company, knows that every international jewel thief will be on the trail of the amateur, and so hires private detective Milo March to find him first. The only clues that March has to go on are a nondescript photograph of Carter and the knowledge that he speaks Spanish. When March visits Carter's former lodgings, he finds them occupied by a glamorous blonde, Trudie Hall... 

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Source:IMDB- Jack Palance and Nigel Patrick.

"The Man Inside
The Man Inside, US lobbycard, from left: Jack Palance, Anita Ekberg, 1958. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)" 

Source:Getty Images- Jack Palance and Anita Ekberg.

From Getty Images

Patrick (No Last Name) played by Sam Carter is a jewel thief who pulls off a big heist in (somewhere in Europe) Europe. Milo March (played by Jack Palance) is a private detective hired to track down Patrick and the jewels that he stole. Trudi Hall (Swedish Goddess Anita Ekberg Miss Sweden) is also after the jewels that Patrick stole. Milo and Trudi run into each other and find out they are both after the same score, but have different motivations and reasons for tracking it down. They also discover that people are after them, because they're after that jewelry score and decide to work together on this case.

This is a fairly simple and I believe not a very well executed movie. But with a good plot and writing and besides it has Anita Ekberg and Jack Palance in it. 

I saw a couple of Anita Ekberg movies this weekend. The Man Inside and 4 Four Texas that also had Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in it. I know that a lot of people will probably disagree with me on this. But Anita is not the Swedish Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors is not the English Marilyn Monroe. They were both better than Marilyn. Anita and Diana both grew up while remaining their hot baby-faced goddess features with their great voices throughout their lives.

Unlike like Marilyn who had a childish, or at least adolescent personality and maturity level to go with her baby-face up until the day she died in 1962 only at the age of 36. Anita, same generation as Marilyn lived to 83 and only died last year and look incredible her whole life and had a great career as an entertainer. 

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