Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Liberty Pen: John Stossel- 'Big Government Like A Jealous Boyfriend'

Source:Liberty Pen- Perhaps the guy is one of Uncle Sam's nephews? LOL
"Government IS like a jealous boyfriend. Peter and Anna Smith talk about their lawsuit against President Obama and then Anthony Randazzo (Reason Foundation) explains how government promotes the false and unsound economic notion that home ownership equals happiness. From Liberty Pen."

From Liberty Pen

Here are perfect examples of the dangers of big government: not government in general, just government that attempts to do too much. Which is try to manage people's lives for themselves and try to protect people from themselves.

Big Government is like a jealous boyfriend who hasn't gotten the memo, or letter, or phone call, or email, or text message, or v-log that Sally, (or whoever): "is so not into you" anymore, Joe. (Or whoever might has been): "like totally awesome", or whatever before. But now Joe reminds Sally of her Uncle Sam, who at times tries to take the place of her father, or even her herself. As far as what responsibilities that she has for her own life.

Big Government and Uncle Sam, sometimes twins, sees people as stupid. Well, at least Americans as stupid and I'll admit there are too many Americans who at times look like they've escaped institutions for the mentally handicapped and couldn't name their own mayor, or governor to save their lives, even if they were spotted the last name and perhaps even first name.

But people by in large are pretty bright and don't need Big Government watching them to make sure that they don't eat too many potato chips, or watch an adult movie, buy a home, talk to people they might approve of, use too much water in the shower, or whatever the case. This is not a Marxist state, government doesn't need to protect the people from themselves. But the people from predators who would hurt them.

I'm not a Libertarian and I have a real role for government and not just as it relates to criminals, terrorists and aggressive authoritarian regimes, that would like to attack us. I believe government does have a role to play to help people who are down get themselves back up so they to can live in freedom. But that is called limited government and limiting government to doing what we need it to do and where it can play a constructive role. Where it doesn't grow so big that it can no longer be audited. Like the Defense Department today and the Education Department several years ago.

Government should serve as a public referee and insurance system. Not as a national babysitter trying to prevent people from making mistakes with their own lives and trying to help us by sending us to the worst place possible for humans. (Which is called jail) Simply because we're involved in personally dangerous activities.

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