Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CUNY-TV: Day at Night- James Day Interviewing Hugh Hefner in 1974

Source: CUNY-TV- Hugh Hefner-
Source: CUNY-TV: Day at Night- James Day Interviewing Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner, has made a business empire designed to make men happy and give them pleasure women and perhaps women as well. But wanted to create an outlet and show millions of American men what we're already thinking and fantasizing about. Which is beautiful sexy women and being with them and feeling them and making them happy and having women that want us as men just as much. I think the thing that I respect most about Hef as a Liberal myself, is his individuality and personal honesty. This is who he is and puts it out there and lets the market decide who good his product is. He doesn't live off of tends and fads and public opinion, but instead goes off what he feels sells his products based on that and lets the market decide how good his material is.

Hugh Hefner, has made a great career for himself swimming against the tide with big tidal waves coming right at his face. And instead created his own empire that was about what he wanted it to be about which was sex and how American men felt and looked at it. And brought out into the open an issue that is very private for most Americans, which is sex. And how men felt about women and vice-versa and what we like about each other. And issue that is completely natural for most people and brought it out into the open for people to talk about and read about. And that his magazine has never been just about photos of sexy women, but dealing with the issues about how men and women feel about each other and using sex appeal to talk about these issues.

At risk of sound partisan here, (why not) Hugh Hefner represents everything that the Traditional Values Coalition and Christian-Right hate about America. Which is liberalism in its purist and realist form, which is individualism. And not swimming with the tide and simply following fads, but instead living your own life and making your own decisions and taking personal responsibility about your own decisions. And has made himself a great career and a very wealthy man. And has lived his own life with the freedom to do so. Without having to worry about big government telling he can't do that and punishing him for it, or taxing him so much that he's no longer encouraged to be successful in America. And that is something else as a Liberal that I love about the man.

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