Friday, November 20, 2015

TYT Interviews: Cenk Uygur Interviewing Larry King-Talking About Half-Libertarianism

Source: TYT Interviews- Larry King, alive! 
Source: TYT Interviews: The Legend, Larry King- Interviews & Real Political Thoughts

What is a half-libertarian? Someone who is very liberal and I mean in the real non-communistic sense on social issues and believes in a lot of personal freedom short of hurting innocent people, but is very conservative on economic policy and national security? Low taxes, decentralized government, low regulations, strong defense, etc? Or go the other way and someone who is lets say a Progressive and perhaps even Socialist on economic policy and is what would be called a Religious or Neoconservative on social issues and is not a fan of personal freedom at least in an individualist sense.

I've argued this before, but it depends on what you mean by Conservative and Liberal. Because they aren't the only factions on the political spectrum. There Conservatives who believe in a good deal of personal freedom and are still very conservative on economic policy and national security. Barry Goldwater, back in the day, Rand Paul and many others today. And then there are Liberals who believe in a good deal of economic freedom and are very liberal on social issues. Jack Kennedy, back in the day, Dick Durbin, John Kerry and many others today. The non-stereotypical Liberal, doesn't want to tax most of your money away from you and tell you what you can say, what you can eat and what you can drink. And the non-stereotypical Conservative, doesn't want America to police the world and police Americans personal behavior and babysit us at home. But will keep your taxes and regulations down while they borrow from China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, to finance their big government.

A so-called half-libertarian, would be a Liberal or a Conservative, at least in the classical sense and I would argue at least in the real sense. That both sides believe in both economic and personal freedom. But we don't believe believe business's should be able to pollute the air at taxpayers expense. Or believe that all narcotics should be legal even for children, or that child pornography, should be legal, or even child prostitution should be legal. Liberals and Conservatives, both put limits on both economic and personal freedom even though both sides agree with a good deal of both. But again both sides believe in rule of law. Not to babysit adult Americans and make sure everyone washes their hands after they take a dump, or make sure they eat vegetables. But to regulate how we interact with each other. Which some people at least call themselves Libertarians view as big government.

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