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Rita Hayworth: 1967 Interview

Source:Tennie Swanberg- The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth.

“6/16 Terence talks about some of the Hollywood women he admired and his date with Rita Hayworth.

Interview with Rita Hayworth in the ´70s. She remember her work with Orson Welles in Lady from Shanghai. Do you like Rita? Join my page on Facebook in”

"Rita Hayworth interview - 1967"

Source:The Daily Review- The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth, in 1967.
From Murmar

The only thing that I would have liked to seen more with Rita Hayworth is Rita in color. She is truly special to look at and to listen to, but black and white simply doesn’t do her justice.

I saw They Came to Condura with Rita, Gary Cooper and several others last night and she’s in her early forties at this point, but she still had everything including the great voice, face, hair and body. And was still a hell of an actress. And stick her with a group of U.S. Army soldiers in the Mexican desert where there isn’t another woman for perhaps hundred of miles and they haven’t drank or smoked in days and they got this red-hot Spanish goddess with them whose technically their prisoner and guys could end up doing things they wouldn’t normally do when they’re living in much better living conditions.

I made this point before, Rita Hayworth was made for color TV and film and I just wish she became a star in the 1960s, or even 1950s. She was a constant entertainer and goddess that had put guys in sweet dreams for weeks even if they were at war. Even this 1967 TV interview when of course color TV and film were common if not standard by then, was shot in black and white.

But again because of how gorgeous and cute she was with that great voice, very similar to Raquel Welch, you can still see how great she was even in black and white and even in her late forties when she was no longer the top Hollywood Goddess in popularity, or perhaps anything else. But she still had it and was still able to grab people’s attention and focus on her. 

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