Thursday, November 5, 2015

Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Greg Gutfeld- The Joy of Hate, Illiberal Speech Police

Source: Reason Magazine- Greg Gutfeld-
Source: Reason Magazine: Nick Gillespie Interviewing Greg Gutfeld- The Joy of Hate

I agree with practically everything that Greg Gutfeld said here about the police speech. That perhaps Salon Magazine should be the chief of. But I would just replace the word liberal with illiberal when it comes to police speech. Free speech, liberal. Fascism, illiberal, whether it comes from the Far-Left, or Far-Right. People when talking about the Left and the Right, should be specific about who they're talking about, because not everyone on the Left is a Liberal and not everyone on the Right is a Conservative. If you don't believe in free speech, you're not a Liberal, but illiberal. If you don't believe in private enterprise, you're not a Conservative. Anti-Conservative I guess.

People who think that Christians and Caucasians in general, should be targets and if anything made fun of any chance there is, but that anyone who is not Caucasian, especially if they're also not Christian and don't come from a blue-collar, rural, Southern background, should be under special protection from the Federal Salon Police Speech, are Fascists. And worst they are partisan Fascists. They think they can get away with saying anything that they want and put down the Right for partisan political gains. While at the same time labeling the Right as bigots when they make fun of, or criticize minorities. Racial, religious, ethnic, gays and so-forth.

Anyone who seems somewhat off and perhaps under medication and even off their medication, whether its Ann coulter on the Far-Right, or Islamists, also on the Far-Right, at least in a religious sense, or Melissa Harris-Perry on the Far-Left, who believes kids don't belong to their parents, but the state, are going to get made fun of. But generally not because of the race, ethnicity, or religion, but because they're stupid and crazy. When we are no longer allowed to make fun of stupid crazy people, that is the day we'll see humor essentially outlawed in America and go out of business. And become a country of straight-faced (no offense gays) tight asses. Who look like they haven't had a laugh, or a drink, perhaps a joint in ten years. And America will become a very depressed country as a result. With lines all over the country of people waiting to be able to jump off the bridge.

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