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Reelz Channel: 'The Kennedys: The Story Behind the Story'

Source:Reelz- Greg Kinnear as President John F. Kennedy.

“The long-running saga of “The Kennedys” — the miniseries, not the family — has finally reached a conclusion.

The eight-hour miniseries, which the History Channel commissioned but then decided not to air, has found a home after several weeks of rumors that it was headed to this cable channel or that, none of which panned out. It will premiere April 3 on ReelzChannel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s the first original scripted series for ReelzChannel, which airs movies and movie-related programming, along with a few syndicated series (including “NewsRadio” and “Brothers & Sisters”). Reelz is an independently owned channel available in about 60 million homes which has previously had a pretty low The Reelz channel picks up The Kennedys miniseries after profile.

The acquisition of “The Kennedys” will “drive ratings and put a spotlight on this network that has never been on it before,” ReelzChannel CEO Stan Hubbard tells the HR. “We’re going to do a full-blown marketing campaign.”

“The Kennedys” stars Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes as John and Jacqueline Kennedy; Barry Pepper plays the president’s brother Bobby, and Tom Wilkinson is their father, Joseph. The History Channel decided last month not to air the miniseries, citing concerns about its historical accuracy; there were also reports that members of the Kennedy family lobbied to have it pulled.”

From the Los Angeles Times 

It is Joe Kennedy Sr. who made The Kennedy Family the political family and political dynasty that it was and to a certain extent still today. He came from nothing being a son of poor Irish immigrants. Who worked his way up and became very successful on Wall Street and decided that he wanted to get involved in government and even at some point become President of the United States.

Joe Kennedy’s presidential run, got as far up as United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom and when he his career as a future presidential candidate came to an end at the start of World War II with his comments about Germany and that he didn’t see Nazi Germany as a threat. It’s then that he decides that one of his sons is going to accomplish what he couldn’t for him. Which was to become President of the United States. Which started with his son Joe and got up to Ted in the 1960s.

Joe Kennedy, made the Kennedy Family what it was politically with his money. And that he had three really smart and charming sons who all liked politics once they got in it, but perhaps do not get in it and certainly not as far had their father not pushed them the way he did.

Joe Sr., originally wanted his son JoeJr.  to be the first presidential candidate and serve in Congress and government and everything else, but he died during World War II. So the next inline who also served in World War II, but survived the war was Jack and Joe pushed Jack to get into politics almost as soon as he got back from the war in 1945. JFK, is first elected to Congress in the House of Representatives in 1946 and then elected to the Senate in 1952. And writes a best-selling book Profiles in Courage which is what puts him on the national scene in the Democratic Party.

Joe Sr., is the key player in the Kennedy Family. The general manager and perhaps even president of a great political franchise, The Kennedy’s. But his son Jack is the one that is able to give his father what he wants. And Irish-Catholic President of the United States. Because he was such a handsome, charming, likable intelligent guy, who gave great speeches, great sense of humor.

JFK was a great, Center-Right Liberal (or Classical Liberal, if you prefer) who wanted to win the Cold War, free millions of Americans from poverty, by expanding economic freedom. Free millions of African-Americans from government sponsored racial discrimination, have the first man on the Moon be an American and everything else. And we have seen a national Democratic politician at least, this great since. As far as how many Americans loved the man. And the Kennedy mini-series I believe does a great job of showing all these aspects about this family in their series. 

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