Thursday, November 26, 2015

Steven Crowder: 'Thanksgiving- A Politically Incorrect Guide'

Source:Steven Crowder- The Real Steven Crowder.
“Whilst you carve that Thanksgiving turkey, lets scalp some buffalo crap myths about Pilgrims and Native Americans.”

To start off on a positive note before I send everyone to back the Great Depression, (actually, it won’t be that bad) but I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who doesn’t view this great American holiday as a racist holiday. For the rest of you, please seek help and perhaps smoke a joint and learn to relax. But to the Social Justice Warriors, Canada which many (Socialists and even Communists) celebrate as some great utopian social democratic utopia, celebrates Thanksgiving. So who are the racists now: America, or Canada) Perhaps both in a Social Justice Warrior’s peanut-sized brain. Thanksgiving, is not about celebrating the Europeans victory over the American-Indians. But celebrating what we all have to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving, is really one of those handful of holidays that we have in America where families get together and drive each other crazy. Leaving people to remember why they haven’t seen their uncle in a whole year. Perhaps brother, sister, aunt, in-laws, parents even. As well as to remember how thankful they are to have relatives that will drive them crazy. Not to get drunk and celebrate European victory over the American-Indians. This is a great holiday a day when Americans can feel proud to eat, drink, watch football all day, not bother to exercise. Not a day to celebrate the fact that Europeans conquered America and left the American-Indians to live on reservations. By the way, American-Indians are free to live with other Americans in America, European and otherwise.

Thanksgiving, is that great American holiday that actually brings Americans together in a very divided country. Where people who believe Barack Obama is destroying America, break bread with people who believe minorities are entitled not to be offended. People who believe that ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act its supporters such as myself, is a Marxist government takeover of the health care system, can break bread with people who believe the ACA is a good thing and will make the American health care system look like Germany. Where you have to cover your own health care costs, but get to choose how you pay for it with a market of different health insurers. Thanksgiving is not a holiday to jump into an American-Indian’s face and say: “Ha! We won and you lost!” If there is one holiday that should unite all Americans that everyone can take one day off and just relax and enjoy themselves and give thanks, it’s Thanksgiving.

As far as what Steven Crowder had to say about Thanksgiving and American-Indians: I could just let his words speak for themself, but I agree with him on political correctness and the Far-Left in America. But to take himself seriously as an American historian, he’s a comedian. And that would mean I would also have to take Jane Fonda seriously as a political activist and economist. 

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