Sunday, November 1, 2015

Daily Fit: Lynda Carter- Before Wonder Woman

Source: Daily Fit- The Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 
Source: Daily Fit: Lynda Carter Before Wonder Woman

I don't think there's a better woman and actress who could have played Wonder Woman. That show is literally about a goddess who comes to America from Paradise Island and plays superhero. At first you might thinks she's way too damn cute to kick ass. But I think that made her even more perfect for that role, because it gave her a great cover. With bad guys lets say, who don't believe she can handle them even though she saved the day (so to speak) all the time. Here's a woman who is a former Miss America. That is how physically attractive she is as a tall strong athletic woman, who is also hot and really adorable. Even in her nerdy glasses as U.S. Army Lieutenant Diana Prince, who is an intelligence officer. You could still tell she was a goddess who perhaps just needed to wear eye contacts.

Wonder Woman, was an entertaining watchable show. But so was Dukes of Hazzard, but the difference being the The Dukes was a great show even without Catherine Bach. But Catherine just made that show even better. Lynda Carter, just didn't make Wonder Woman, but she made that show as well. She brought that character to real-life and brought her to millions of Americans homes. People watched Wonder Woman to watch Wonder Woman, who was Lynda Carter. And it had other good people on it like Lyle Waggoner, but women watched that show, because they wanted to see a strong gorgeous woman who kicked ass. And perhaps the same thing with guys, but they were simply interested in her. I see Wonder Woman as a show where a great looking woman who is also entertaining can bring people into it. Even if it doesn't have much to offer outside of the lead.

And I think Lynda Carter knew all of this and perhaps got tired and bored with Wonder Woman and was ready to move on and not disappointed when CBS cut Wonder Woman in 1979. Because that show really was her, without much else other than her. With weak plots and cheesy writing that let Americans who were born in the 1960s and 1970s what it was like to live in the 1940s and 50s as far as how Americans talked to each other. With the original show taking place during World War II like the cartoon. But Wonder Woman made Lynda a star and gave her other opportunities and chances to meet other people and expand her career. So in this sense Wonder Woman even though it was a mediocre show, it gave her other opportunities and chances to do good credible things. Where she wasn't purely seen as a goddess.

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