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Classic Film Glamour: Hollywood Goddess Faye Dunaway

Source: Classic Film Glamour- Hollywood Goddess Faye Dunaway.
"My Faye Dunaway video from my old channel OldHollywoodVideos08...

Background Information (From Wikipedia)

Faye Dunaway (born January 14, 1941) is an American actress.

Dunaway won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Network (1976) after receiving previous nominations for the critically acclaimed films Bonnie and Clyde (1967) and Chinatown (1974). She has starred in a variety of films, including The Thomas Crown Affair (both the 1968 and 1999 versions), The Towering Inferno (1974), Three Days of the Condor (1975), and Mommie Dearest (1981)."

From Classic Film Glamour 

I guess when I think of great dramatic comedic actress’s and what I mean by that is actress’s who combine both dramatic and comedic abilities in the same role, not actress’s who are great at both comedy and drama, but women who do both in the same roles, I think of Faye Dunaway, Liz Taylor, Lauren Bacall and a few others. 

But Faye is towards the top of this list if not at the top, because she has this great ability at putting things exactly as they are with real feeling, but doing it in a great comedic and humorous way as well. Like the line she had in Network when she tells the Max Schumacher character (played by William Holden) that: “You aren’t the worst lay I’ve ever had. God knows I’ve had worst.”

Faye Dunaway is this tall gorgeous, baby-faced adorable actress, with this great dramatic and comedic abilities. Who seems to specialize at playing very cute gorgeous women who are very sharp and have a lot of energy and who are also smart asses. 

I swear to God (even though I’m Agnostic) that if Faye were a career soap opera actress she would be the best ever at that. She would have won have multiple awards for that every year and been on the top soap if not top show on TV every year. Best Actress should almost be her title. She’s really the best at whatever she does at least from her era. (Let's call it the Baby Boom) Network is one of my favorite movies and other than maybe Peter Finch she was the best actor/actress in that movie. And Network is the perfect example of what dramatic comedy is: a movie that takes on serious subjects, but does it in a humorous way.

In many ways I see Faye Dunaway as a satirist. Someone who uses both drama and comedy to talk about serious subjects and does it in a very entertaining and sexy way. Chinatown with Jack Nicholson is another example of this where detective movies tend to be funny and Jack Nicholson is pretty funny in really anything he does so putting together with Faye Dunaway is an all-star combination. 

Network is Fay’s best and most famous part and where she was really the best on a great all-star cast with a great production team. But she’s had a lot of other great roles that’s shown all of her great abilities. Like Chinatown, The Towering Inferno. She’s a Hall of Fame actress who could’ve gone into the Hall of Fame thirty-years ago and I hope she’s around forever.

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Lifetime: Intimate Portrait- Angie Dickinson (2003)

Source:Lifetime- Hollywood Goddess Angie Dickinson.
"Angie Dickinson 2002 Intimate Portrait"

From Lifetime

"Angie Dickinson is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the films Rio Bravo and Dressed to Kill, and for starring on television as Sergeant Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson on the 1970s crime series Police Woman." 

Source:Movie Legends- Angie Dickinson

From Movie Legends

When I think of Angie Dickinson I’m staring at those eyes and locked into that voice. She reminds me a of smaller Gena Rowlands, another woman who just looks and sounds incredible, but who is also a hell of an actress. A true goddess who is both hot and baby-faced adorable where they don’t seem to age and always look like very young woman even if they’re in their forties and fifties. Gena is a bigger and taller Angie, but she might be just as adorable. When you look this great and you also can act and make people laugh and sing, you’ll never have to worry about finding a job in Hollywood. Just as long as you don’t piss off the wrong people. And an actress will always be able to be either on TV, or doing movies, or both.

There two movies and perhaps a certain TV show that you’re familiar with when I think of Angie Dickinson. Ocean’s Eleven from 1960, where she plays the wife of compulsive gambler Danny Ocean (played by Frank Sinatra) and The Chase from 1966 where she plays the girlfriend of the sheriff. (played by Marlin Brando) She has a small part in Ocean’s, but a key one and has a great scene where she tells of Danny’s mistress on the phone. When the mistress is confessing to her that she’s seeing her husband. And Angie tells the mistress that, “what you’re saying just makes me want him more.” She has a much bigger role in The Chase where she’s the girlfriend of the sheriff and is very close to Marlin in that movie.

But I believe Angie’s Dickinson’s most important accomplishment to Hollywood is Police Woman. Where she plays a police detective sergeant in that movie. That show comes out in 1974 three years before Charlie’s Angels and she plays this gorgeous sexy smart detective sergeant on that show. Who leads police investigation’s and kicks ass at the same time. Police detective shows with female leads now are common and have been since the 1990s. But a big reason for that was Police Woman and Angie Dickinson. She showed that you could look like a goddess and also be smart and professional and do important jobs in society and be in charge. And because of Angie NBC, CBS and ABC, (and perhaps even FOX) are always looking for that new hit female detective show.

Angie is simply one of the cutest, hottest, sexiest actress’s with the great voice to match of all-time. I could listen to her read from a phone book, or a tennis rule book and I would end up being fascinated with that bland material that would be great reading material for insomniacs if it was read by just about everyone else. But she makes everything look and sound interesting simply because of who she is. She was great on the Alfred Hitchcock Hour in the early 1960s, playing a woman who simply marries men for money and tries to get her latest boyfriend to murder her husband. She’s a true Hollywood Goddess in the sense that she’s an incredibly attractive woman, but also a great actress. And she’s one of the top actress’s of her generation and in the business today.

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Anita Ekberg & Jack Palance: The Man Inside (1958)

Source:Talking Pictures TV- British actor Sam Carter, playing Patrick in The Man Inside.
“The Man Inside (1958) Premieres Thur-19-July. Showing on Talking Pictures TV.”

From Talking Pictures TV 

“The Swedish Goddess Anita Ekberg, in The Man Inside from 1958, that also featured actor Jack Palance. She had several very good if not great movies from the 1950s and 1960s and this is one of her best movies. She doesn’t just look great, but does a great job as a woman looking for jewels in the movie.”
Source:The Daily Review- Swedish Goddess Anita Ekberg, starring in The Man Inside, from 1958. 

"In New York City, Meek accountant Sam Carter has dreamed for years of possessing a famous diamond known as the Tyrahna Blue. After years of planning, Carter decides the time is right for him to steal the diamond from the jewelry concern for which he works. During a brazen robbery, Carter kills a guard, then makes off with the diamond. The insurer of the gem, the Midwest Insurance Company, knows that every international jewel thief will be on the trail of the amateur, and so hires private detective Milo March to find him first. The only clues that March has to go on are a nondescript photograph of Carter and the knowledge that he speaks Spanish. When March visits Carter's former lodgings, he finds them occupied by a glamorous blonde, Trudie Hall... 

Source:IMDB- Jack Palance and Nigel Patrick.
Read the rest at Turner Classic Movies

"The Man Inside
The Man Inside, US lobbycard, from left: Jack Palance, Anita Ekberg, 1958. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)" 

Source:Getty Images- Jack Palance and Anita Ekberg.

From Getty Images

Patrick (No Last Name) played by Sam Carter is a jewel thief who pulls off a big heist in (somewhere in Europe) Europe.

Milo March (played by Jack Palance) is a private detective hired to track down Patrick and the jewels that he stole.

Trudi Hall (Swedish Goddess Anita Ekberg, Miss Sweden) is also after the jewels that Patrick stole.

Milo and Trudi run into each other and find out they are both after the same score, but have different motivations and reasons for tracking it down. They also discover that people are after them, because they’re after that jewelry score and decide to work together on this case.

This is a fairly simple and I believe not a very well executed movie. But with a good plot and writing and besides it has Anita Ekberg and Jack Palance in it.

I saw a couple of Anita Ekberg movies this weekend: The Man Inside and 4 Four Texas that also had Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in it. I know that a lot of people will probably disagree with me on this. But Anita is not the Swedish Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors is not the English Marilyn Monroe. They were both better than Marilyn. Anita and Diana both grew up while retaining their hot, baby-faced, goddess features, with their great voices throughout their lives.

Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, had a childish, or at least adolescent personality and maturity level to go with her baby-face up until the day she died in 1962 only at the age of 36. Anita, same generation as Marilyn, lived to 83 and only died last year and look incredible her whole life and had a great career as an entertainer.

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NFL Films: NY Giants Chronicles- The 1960s and 1970s

Source:Jim Files- A look at the 1970 New York Giants.
"1970 New York Giants Highlight Video"

From Jim Files

"New York Giants Qb Y.a. Tittle... Sports Illustrated Cover art print by Sports Illustrated. Our art prints are produced on acid-free papers using archival inks to guarantee that they last a lifetime without fading or loss of color. All art prints include a 1" white border around the image to allow for future framing and matting, if desired." 

Source:Fine Art America- New York Giants QB Y.A. Tittle.

I believe Bob Papa had the best line when he said that the New York Giants by 1964 were in transition. The great teams and success that they had in the 1950s and early 1960s was gone by 1964. 

Giants running back Alex Webster (not Barney Rubble) had a great line as well when he said in 64 that the Giants had a bunch of players who played a year too long. They were an aging team that was carrying a lot of aging veterans who were past their primes and should’ve retired after the 62 or 63 seasons and simply no longer had it in 64 and the Giants collapsed and finished in last place in 64. And guys like Y.A. Tittle, Frank Gifford and Alex Webster, all retire after the 64 season. Leaving the Giants being forced to start rebuilding in 65.

To give you an idea of how good the Giants were from 1964-80: they never made the playoffs and had I believe had two winning seasons. The worst team in the NFC East in the 1970s. Again, one winning season and year after year competing with their arch-rival the Philadelphia Eagles for last place in the NFC East. Two of the biggest markets and cities in the country and two of the most storied franchises in the NFL and yet they were consistently competing for last place in the NFC East. 

I think the problem with the Giants of this era was that they fired Allie Sherman too soon after the 68 season and then not finding a good head coach for them until Ray Perkins in 1979. They had several different head coaches during this period that all had one thing in common: losing season after losing season.

As great as Wellington Mara was for the New York Giants franchise he made a lot of mistakes in the 1960s and 70s. Not having the right general manager and head coach in the 1970s and poor drafting set this franchise way back. 

Also, not finding a replacement for Yankee Stadium which was really a baseball park that the Giants shared. (With the guess who) All of these things that contributed to the Giants essentially being asleep as a franchise especially in the 1970s. Even the Chicago Bears who were pretty bad in this period as well-managed a couple of winning seasons and made the playoffs in the 1970s. 

The Giants did make a few good draft picks in the mid and late 1970s like Harry Carson, George Martin and Phil Simms that set them up well for the 1980s. But by in-large the 1970s was a bad decade for the New York Giants. 

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AMC: 'Myra Breckinridge Backstory (2001) 'The Making of a Legendary Comedy'

Source:Classics At Dusk- left to right: the absolutely hilarious & off the wall Mae West & and her great comedic sidekick, the absolutely hilarious and off the wall Raquel Welch. Even if I'm just one of 5 people who like this movie, these two women alone by themselves make it worth loving the movie the movie for me.

"MYRA BRECKINRIDGE Backstory with Raquel Welch, Gore Vidal, Rex Reed, David Brown and Michael Sarne" 

"This making of special aired in 2001.

This making of special aired in 2001. Don't watch this if you haven't seen the movie. It gives the whole storyline away.

This special on model Gia Carangi [1960-1986] aired in 2001. The audio and video is very bad on this one. I'm sorry about that. This copy is all that I have.

Myron Breckinridge flies to Europe to get a sex-change operation and is transformed into the beautiful Myra. She travels to Hollywood, meets up with.

This interview aired in 1990 about an etiquette manual Ms. Barrows had written called Mayflower Manners." 
Source:AMC- Part of the cast for Myra Breckinridge.

From AMC 

“Myra Breckinridge 1970 trailer”

Source:AMC- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch as Myra Breckinridge.

From Agrimenso 

"It's too awful for that dubious distinction. But American Movie Classics featured the film and advertised it as such in its half-hour AMC "Backstory" series recently. 

Doubtless, worse movies have been made, but they're so inconsequential they've been forgotten, or they have become kitsch, that is to say so pretentiously dreadful they're beyond consideration.

In terms of money spent, importance of cast, publicity, major studio participation and chutzpah, "Myra Breckinridge" (1970) is in a class by itself as cinematic refuse.

The film is and always has been a terrible, miserable, obscene, unsanitary waste of celluloid by people who should know better.

Producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown thought it would be a sexy, daring comedy from which 20th Century-Fox would earn millions to refill studio coffers emptied seven years earlier by the "Cleopatra" disaster.

Instead, "Myra" plunged the studio into worse debt, nearly destroying Fox and ruining the careers of almost everyone involved.

Zanuck and Brown went on to make subsequent hits of "The Sting," "Jaws" and "Driving Miss Daisy."

"Myra," however, was the nadir of their careers and the definitive loser in Hollywood history." 

From UPI  

To respond to the story from UPI: Myra Breckinrdige was way ahead of its time, maybe even 10 years. Even in the Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s, I just don't think there were enough Americans, even enough hippie Baby Boomers and Beatnik Silent Generation babies to even understand the movie, let alone enjoy it. And if was made today, it would probably be killed by radical feminist political correctness warrior and be called sexist and homophobic. 

This movie really was a sort of a sexual fantasy of what life would be like if radical feminists were running the world and you that in the very first scene of the film, with Myra (played by Raquel) arriving on a beach somewhere (perhaps in Los Angeles) with her radical feminists warriors, there to try to take over the world. 

Myra Breckinridge is one of those movies that looks better as it ages, because it was so ahead of its time. I think the makers of the film calculated wrong thinking that this is a 1970 movie probably made in 1969 and that this movie would be perfect for its time in the 1960s and the cultural and sexual revolutions. With young Americans experimenting and trying all sorts of different things even when it came to their sexuality.

But very few people were talking about transgender sexuality and sex changes back then. It was very new and then you throw in all the pornography in the movie (which I personally don’t have a problem with) and it was a tough movie for a lot of people to see which is why it was a financial flop when it came out.

If this movie came out 25-30 years later perhaps even 20 years I think this movie would have been very successful. (Especially on Cinemax) I’ve seen this movie like ten times now and have blogged about it multiple times and it was one of my favorite comedies. I’m laughing through most of this movie with Raquel Welch being at her hottest, sexiest and cutest, and perhaps funniest, all in the same movie.

Raquel was so funny in this movie and this is where you really get to see her sense of humor and great comedic timing. John Huston playing Buck Naked, I mean Buck Loner in this movie a sex starved, or sex addict head of an acting school. (Of all things) Getting blow jobs and sexual massages on the job and trying to run his school at the same time.

And of course you can’t talk about Myra Breckinridge without talking about Mae West. Where she also plays a sex starved star in the movie a man-loving woman who can’t spend more than five seconds with a young stud (Tom Selleck) without making a pass at him. And of course you get to see Mae sing Hard to Handle which was perfect for her and her character in this movie.

And of course Gore Vidal with without his book with the same title this movie isn’t made. (Which might not have been a bad thing) But his great comedic ability and willingness to take big risks is how he writes the book that he did and how this movie gets made. I believe movies are judged by how they look as the years go by and later in history. And Myra Breckinridge to me looks like a great comedy.

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CBS News: Baseball Great Yogi Berra Dead at 90- An icon of Sports and Quotes

Source: CBS News- The quote master Yogi Berra-
Source: CBS News: Baseball Great Yogi Berra Dead at 90: An Icon of Sports and Quotes

I think it would be fairly easy just to write a piece about Yogi Berra featuring a lot of his great one-liners. But we're talking about one of the top 3-5 catchers in the history of Major League Baseball. And yes he was a great comedian, but how many catchers do you know of that were great behind the plate who also have a career 285 bating average with 358 home runs and 1430 RBI. At least statistically we're talking about a better hitting catcher than Johnny Bench who is still the best all around catcher of all-time. Yogi is at least the best all around catcher pre-Johnny Bench who came up with the Cincinnati Reds in 1967.

As far as his humor I love people who put things in a very direct way telling it exactly how it is and using humor with it. Especially when they're not making fun of someone, or some group of people. Who can say ironic things and stuff that they know can't be true, but do it so well and intentionally that you have to laugh at it. Like the Yogi line about baseball being 90% half mental. Well anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics knows that can't be true. But he was so clever about how he said that, that you had to laugh at that. Or saying obvious things, but doing it with perfect timing that again you have to laugh. "When you come to a fork in road, take it."

"You can observe a lot just by watching." Which of course sounds like Captain Obvious under attack and everyone must duck, or get hit in the head with useless information that they've known since they were born. But if you're not someone who tends to be very good about knowing your surroundings and tend to miss things that are right in front of you, that little piece of obvious information can help you. And tell you to pay attention so you don't miss what is going on right in front of you.

"It aint over till it's over." Good message for players who are down a lot in a game, but still have time to turn it around. And instead of thinking, "damn we suck! We're not only going to get blown out, but we might not bother to score!" You would have Yogi saying something like, "relax, I know its 6-0, but its only the 3rd inning. Besides I got a guy in there who can actually pitch now. So just relax and play the game right and we'll get back in it." Telling his players there's a reason why a World Series is seven games and games themselves are nine innings, because you don't win those things early on.

Yogi Berra, again one of the top 3-5 catchers of all-time, but similar to Billy Martin and Phil Rizzuto if he wasn't playing and managing baseball, he could have been a great comedian and talk show host as well. Because of his ability to put things exactly as they are with a little touch of great wit. Which is what great one-liners are. The ability to use common sense to make fun of life and even people in life. The ability to state the obvious without someone saying,"no shit Einstein! You got any other brand new discoveries you would like to share with us?" And because of that and I think especially the humor he's going to be missed for a long time.
New York Daily News: Famous Yogi Berra Quotes

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A&E: Biography- Raquel Welch: 'Beyond The Fantasy'

Source:A&E- From a 2002 A&E Biography of Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch.
"A&E Biography - Raquel Welch: Beyond the Fantasy (2002)"

From A&E

"A&E Biography Raquel Welch." Originally from Drew David, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube
Source:The Daily Review- From an A&E Biography of Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch.

"Raquel Welch - A&E Biography (2002) - Famous Raquel Welch." Originally from A&E, but this video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

Source:The Daily Review- From an A&E Biography of Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch.

The photo shots and video footage of Raquel Welch are absolutely incredible. Rarely will you ever see a woman that is this hot and adorable at the same time with incredible sex appeal as well. She's truly a goddess and then you throw in the voice, the way she moves, the singer and that she's a hell of an actress as well and we really are talking about not only one of the best looking entertainers of all-time, (arguably the best looking) but one of the best entertainers of all-time as well.

In many ways both Raquel and Sophia Loren represent what Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield could have been if they just bothered to grow up personally and took care of themselves. Two incredibly attractive women who both had a lot of talents.

Hollywood at least at first probably just saw Raquel as a sex goddess. The 1960s and 1970s version of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield and just wanted to use her for her looks and sell her that way, as far as her movies and the rest of her appearances. So they overplayed her sex appeal, but in the same time period she was given very good roles that also brought out her other talents.

Raquel's comedic side and the great voice as well with the work she did for Vietnam servicemen and servicewomen. Movies like Fathom, Lady in Cement with Frank Sinatra, 100 Rifles with Burt Reynolds and Jim Brown and of course Myra Breckinridge, which I at least believe is one of the funniest movies of all-time. Where you got to see her great comedic timing in it.

I believe since Raquel has always had that hot baby-faced adorable face, the incredibly sweet sexy voice and high energy personality and that she's known these things. And again unlike Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield she's lived very well and has taken care of herself and has been very responsible with her life by in large, (except for the marriages) she has aged so slowly and still remains a red-hot baby-faced adorable goddess in her mid-70s today.

Raquel is still active in Hollywood and has other careers going for her in writing and in fashion. To me she's a goddess in the best sense of the word. Both physically and professionally as far as her talent, intelligence and professionalism. And is one of the most impressive woman I've ever known of.

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Lifetime: Intimate Portrait- Elizabeth Taylor

Source:Lifetime- Hollywood Babydoll Elizabeth Taylor being profiled by Lifetime in 2002.
"A made-for-television documentary hosted by Peter Lawford in discussions with close friends, family and colleagues of Elizabeth Taylor about her life and career and featuring clips from her films and archive footage from her personal life."  

From IMDB 

Liz Taylor is the Jim Brown, John Unitas, Babe Ruth, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra, the person in her profession that everyone who comes after her his judged by. The greatest at what she does. Are you as good as Elizabeth Taylor as an actress? If you are, well now you’re the best, but if you’re anything close to her even light years from her you know you’ve made it. If you’re in her class, or just a few classes back from Liz Taylor you’ve made it. You’re not just a successful actress, but you’re a great actress. 

I’ve gone back and forth between Liz and Lauren Bacall when I try to decide who’s the best actress of all-time, because you could make a great case for either and I’m blogging now about Liz, so I’m going to make her case.

But I’ve just don’t know of another actress whose funnier, one of the funniest people who has ever come out of Hollywood. As she said she’s an instinctive and if you’re a great instinctive actress you are also a great improv actress, because you go off of feel about who you’re playing and where the role and the movie, or show is going. That is Liz Taylor. 

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Which isn’t a question, but a movie) Is a perfect example of that where she’s playing a woman whose losing her mind and going crazy if not already there. Its is a very serious role and movie and yet she and Richard Burton are very funny in that. And maybe that’s just because they were working with each other and the chemistry they had. But they made that movie a great movie by themselves.

When it comes to dramatic actress’s I don’t know of a better actress. Again Virginia Woolf, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Butterfield 8, The V.I.P.’s again with Burton and The Sandpiper again with Burton. She’s great at making very serious roles in serious movies seem very entertaining and even funny. 

Virginia Woolf, is a very serious graphic even movie with this couple that looks like they’re getting ready to divorce, because of how they argue and the clean shots that they throw and land at each other. And of course with Liz’s character going insane as the movie moves along and yet they were both hysterically funny together in this movie. She might be the best improvisational actress of all-time as well and Lauren Bacall does very well in this area as well.

Liz Taylor very similar to Ava Gardner took charge of her life and lived her life exactly the way she wanted. And essentially said the hell with the future and the consequences and lived her life her way. I think that’s how a woman is married 6-7 times, or whatever it was and drinks and eats too much. 

Liz lived a roller coaster life including all the tragedies that she suffered around her husband Mike Todd dying and other loved one around her dying. But with all the ups and downs that she had in her life she lived a great 79 years that has millions of people who love her and will always love her. And we’re also talking about one of the two best actress’s ever. 

And when you live a life-like that and enjoy so much and have so much success with so many people who love you, what do you have to complain about. She lived a great life and had a great roller coaster ride. 

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The Late Show With David Letterman: Dyan Cannon (1991)

Source:The Late Show With David Letterman- Hollywood Goddess Dyan Cannon, on The Late Show With David Letterman, in 1991.
“Dyan Cannon interview on David Letterman – 1991”

From Marmar

Is it just me or did Dyan Cannon seem like she was on laughing gas, or something during this interview? Perhaps she just had a root canal and just came from the dentist or something. Maybe she went to a bad comedy show and took laughing gas there to be nice, so she would laugh at any bad joke that she heard.

But that is what you get from Dyan. The adorable, baby-face and personality that comes with where she’s always laughing and perhaps has even laughed at funerals before or something. (Now that’s cold) But she laughed at practically everything Dave said there. But this is why she’s great on shows like this, because talking to her is just like talking to a great comedian.

I was a fifteen year old high school freshman who was probably asleep when this interview was shown in 1991. (Not because it was that bad and boring) I couldn’t tell you anything about the movie they were talking about even if I wanted to. Which I don’t because I simply don’t know what movie they’re talking about. But the idea that Dyan would have to sell which I’m sure was her beautiful Los Angeles home to make her own movie that only had a three-million-dollar budget, seems surprising to me.

Dyan was a Hollywood starlet for twenty-years at this point. Maybe she was going through another divorce where she owed her twenty-year old tennis assistant/beach bum ex-husband a lot of money in alimony, or something. But you would think a great successful Hollywood entertainer could easily finance a project like that. 

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Biography: Ava Gardner (1999)

Source: The Associated Press- Hollywood Goddess Ava Gardner and English Muffin Diana Dors, meeting the Queen of England.
"Iconic images of our Television Production 'Portraits. You can license this story through AP Archive:AP Archive Find out more about AP Archive:AP Archive."

From Associated Press

In Ava Gardner’s narration in this video you’ll see here where they use her actual voice Ava talks about that she was basically just a North Carolina country girl at heart. And how nice it would have been to just live in the country.

I can’t think of a more modest thing a Hollywood star has ever said. I mean we are talking about one of the best looking woman who has ever lived and one of the best actress’s who has ever lived. Perhaps the voice of her generation as well with that sweet and yet sexy voice. Perhaps she got that from hanging out with the Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra and perhaps attending his board meetings. But imagine had all of that talent stayed in Asheville, North Carolina or some place. Only they would have known how great she was.

Even though Ava Gardner did live still 68 which is not a real short life, I mean you’re collecting Social Security and Medicare at that point, so you’re certainly not young in years, but the average America woman lives to about 80 now, but I’m not sure she was built to last. She was a true star a Hollywood Goddess and stars tend to burn out at some point.

And when you are a carefree individual that she was and live your life your way, (to paraphrase The Chairman) you’re going to do things that aren’t real smart if you’re looking to live a long time. She partied too much, drank too much, had a lot of bad relationships with the same man. (I think you know who I’m talking about) She got out of life as much as she could before it was taken from her, but made a hell of a life and career for herself.

Ava Gardner is literally one of the top actress’s of her generation if not all-time. The same league as Lauren Bacall, Susan Hayward and many others and perhaps not even a handful of actress’s are better. And yet she was a true star both on the screen and in real-life and lived her characters off stage as well with her lifestyle.

Ava played the role of a woman who couldn’t get enough out of life in her personal life and simply enjoyed life too much before it finally caught up with her. But in the time she had she put together a great resume including in the 1964 movie Seven Days in May where she played the girlfriend of the general was who trying to create a coup and take over the United States. And is still one of the top Hollywood Goddess’s and actress’s of all-time. 

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Lifetime: Raquel Welch- 2002 Intimate Portrait

Source:Miss Mexico- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch in Hannie Caulder (1971)

“Dentro de los especiales del mes de marzo 2012 del canal de televisión Bio; de mujeres famosas, esta aqui la Biografía de esta espectacular y bella mujer.”

From Miss Mexico 

“2002 Intimate Portrait of Raquel Welch.” Originally from Lifetime Network, but the video has since since been deleted or blocked and doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online right now.

Source:The Daily Review- Goddess Raquel Welch: arrives on the beach. From Myra Breckinridge, from 1970.
Lifetime Network did an Intimate Portrait documentary about Raquel Welch in the early 2000s, that I found on YouTube. But that video is currently not available right now.

Source:The Daily Review- Lifetime Intimate Portrait of Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch, from 2001-02. The video of that show doesn't seem to be available anywhere online right now. Can't even find another blog post about it, not even from IMDB. 
Just to start off about Raquel’s figure (for no apparent reason) I think she actually has a better body now or at least in the last 10-15 years than she did in the 1960s. She got stronger and developed curves. I saw her as somewhat flat before that, but that’s me.

I have photos of her in her late 60s early 70s where she still has that hot baby-face which she’s had her whole life, but with beautiful curves to go with it. When I think of goddess’ she’s at the top of the list. Here’s a woman in her seventies and collecting Medicare and Social Security and yet she’s still gorgeous and very adorable and still has a great body. She’s an angel sent down from Heaven or some place giving millions of men pleasure every time she speaks, or makes an appearance.

But Raquel is a hell of a lot more than that. I’ve heard people say that she’s never had a hit movie, or has never been in a good movie. And yet she’s been in a lot of movies where she’s had big roles where at the time they weren’t hits, or even make money are now cult classics and very popular today.

Raquel has had major parts in cult classics  like Myra Breckinridge which 45 years later is still one of the funniest movies of all-time. Hannie Caulder, The Last of Sheila, Mother Jugs and Speed, where she’s part of a private ambulance company and perhaps others.

One thing I respect about Raquel is that she’s taken a lot of risks that could have hurt her career that didn’t pay off at the time, but 30-40 years later look really good as far as movies. Like Myra, Hannie Caulder, The Last of Sheila.

Raquel is not the greatest actor ever, but she’s someone whose more than a Hollywood Goddess who has real talents other than looking great. To me at least to be a Hollywood Goddess you have to do more than have goddess looks, but like Lauren Bacall, or someone like that you have to be able to act and entertain as well.

Raquel is a very good actress if not great one who doesn’t have a whole list of hit movies that she’s been in, but has had big roles and has done well in smaller movies that have stood the test of time. And end up becoming hits on DVD, cable and other places. And has made a great career for herself as an entertainer and not just an actress. But someone who is also a successful singer, dancer and even author and still going and looking strong today. 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

ABC: Barbara Walters- Interviews of a Lifetime: Goldie Hawn (1982)

Source:The Daily Review- Hollywood Goddess Goldie Hawn, being interviewed by ABC News's Barbara Walters, in 1982. 

"Goldie Hawn - Barbara Walters Interview 1982. Aired: December 14 1982."

From ABC  

This photo is from the same Barbara Walters interview of Goldie Hawn in 1982, that originally on ABC as a Barbara Walters Special. But the video where the photo came from is not currently available online.
Source:ABC- Hollywood Goddess Goldie Hawn, being interviewed by ABC News's Barbara Walters, in 1982.

To me at least Goldie Hawn is one of the cutest, sexiest, hottest, comedians of all-time. She’s literally one of the funniest women and people who has ever come out of Hollywood. The airhead the way that Goldie put it as far as how some people see her is completely not true.

Airheads don’t produce hit movies by themselves which is what she’s done with Private Benjamin. Whatever you think of that movie it is one of the most popular movies of all-time. I see Goldie as the funniest actress of her generation, but Sally Field, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton, Kathleen Turner, come close. But because Goldie is so cute and her comedic timing she doesn’t need a script to be funny. She does that simply by being herself and how she carries herself.

I believe that Goldie gets the adorable airhead image because she’s so adorable with the baby-face and personality to match and in a lot of many and still today pushing 70, she’s still very funny and comes off as goofy. But you’re not going to find an actress/comedian this good and intentionally this funny who doesn’t have real talent and intelligence to go with it.

Goldie has worked with Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Kurt Russell, all great comedic actors and I at least believe she’s always been the funnier person in those movies. Especially Housesitter with Steve Martin from 1992. Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, but she plays an adorable, funny, sexy, hippie and Steve Martin plays a some stiff stuck up snob in the movie.

I’m not saying that Goldie Hawn is the best actress ever, or even her generation. She can do dramatic work and has done that even though she probably brought her humor to those roles as well. But she’s great at what she does. She knows who she is and plays that very well. A gorgeous, baby-faced adorable sexy actress, with a great sense of humor and timing, to go with a quick intelligence.

Similar to a Joan Rivers, or a Carol Burnett she doesn’t try to do things that might be out of her range. But instead uses her great talent and gets the most out of it. Similar to John Belushi who was once asked: “Why do you only play comedic parts?” And Belushi said something to the effect: “Why not, someone has to make people laugh and I’m really good at it.” Goldie Hawn is a great comedic/actress who can play dramatic parts, but she’s successful because she makes people laugh. 

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jim Morrison & 'The Doors: Hello, I love You (1968)'

Source:The Doors- Jim Morrison and The Doors: Live in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1968.
"The Doors - Hello, I Love You (Subtitulos Español - Ingles). Gran canción de una gran banda! Suscribanse."

From The Doors 

"The Doors Hello, I Love You at "1-2-3-4 Hot&Sweet" 1968
RECORDING DATE: 09/13/1968
LOCATION: Romer Square - Frankfurt - DE

Source:The Doors Portal- The Lizard King Jim Morrison and The Doors: Live From Frankfurt, Germany in 1968. A rare opportunity to see The Lizard King in color in his skin-tight, black leather suit, concho belt, and black cowboy boots.

From The Doors Portal 

This photo is from the same performance that Jim Morrison and The Doors gave on German TV from Frankfurt, Germany in 1968. 1968 unfortunately was the last year where we got to see Jim Morrison as a functional, musical performer, before he sort of mentally collapsed and went almost completely crazy in 1969 and was even arrested in Miami, Florida. He's only 24 at this point in 1968.

Source:The Doors- The Lizard King Jim Morrison: Live From Frankfurt, Germany in 1968.
The Lizard King Jim Morrison and The Doors, performing Hello, live from Frankfurt, Germany in 1968. A rare opportunity to see The Lizard King in his full skin-tight, black leather suit and cowboy boots, and concho belt, in color. 

Source:The Doors- The Lizard King Jim Morrison and The Doors: Live From Frankfurt, Germany (1968)

It’s a rare treat that you get to see Jim Morrison and The Doors perform in color. Even though they came out and became a hit in the late 1960s most of their concert footage and music videos were done in black and white. Almost like watching music performances from 1955 or something even though color video and footage for both TV and movies was pretty common if not expected by 1968 when this video in Frankfurt Germany came out.

But since this video was shot in color, you get to see Jim Morrison and The Doors the best blues rock band I believe of the 1960s playing in color. With Jim Morrison performing in his go to black leather suit and suede cowboy boots. And you get to see parts of downtown Frankfurt, Germany as well. The song Hello I don’t think is that great of song. But it has a great guitar and drums beat to it and with the Lizard King and his great voice and with the timing down can make ordinary lyrics like “hello, I love you”, sound better than they actually are.

And then you throw in Morrison’s skin-tight black leather jeans and concho belt that almost made him look like his crotch was sticking out (and that is as graphic as I’ll get) and you had women who simply were in love with him especially when they got to see him perform up close and wanting to touch him. A big reason why you would see women jump up on the stage trying touch and grab him while her performed in the 1960s. So you put all of these things together and you have a pretty good video here. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

William McSpirit: 'Jaclyn Smith Happy Birthday 2013 Tribute'

Source:Willam McSpirit- Hollywood Goddess and Charlie's Angel Jaclyn Smith. 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2013! We still LOVE you Jaclyn Smith. I realize the choice of song may sound like something a stalker might play but it's not intended that way. :-)

The pain of cancellation, if I must say, is deep in my mind and locked away ! :-) But most of all we do love you STILL!"

From William McSpirit

This photo is from a 1998 Lifetime Network Intimate Portrait of Hollywood Goddess Jaclyn Smith. But the video that this photo is from is not currently available online right now.

Source:Lifetime Network- Intimate Portrait Jaclyn Smith.

I probably think of Jaclyn Smith as an actress last, because of outside of Charlie’s Angels and a few guest TV appearances in the 1970s and even in the last few years if you’re a fan of CSI which I am, her acting career I don’t believe has been a big focus of her professional life.

Jaclyn is a goddess who has used that to promote her business career. And I’m not talking about sleeping her way to the top or anything like that. But she’s this gorgeous if not hot baby-faced adorable Texas sweetheart and has made a great career for herself in fashion and showing women how they can look great as well. And whatever you think of the Charlie’s Angels series and I would be one of the first to tell you it wasn’t a great show, she is by far the most successful of the Angels.

Jackie is my favorite of the Charlie’s Angels. Farah Fawcett is overrated and became a star mostly because of her gorgeous, adorable looks who perhaps didn’t grow up and burned out real fast and died early in life.

Kate Jackson, is a very good actress and funny and also very pretty and very cute. With Cheryl Ladd and Shelly Hack I think they were looking for the next Farah Fawcett and I don’t know what they brought to that show.

But Jackie was a true Angel a Goddess who could also act and has a good sense of humor. Who almost forty-years later is still very active and still doing very well. I don’t think you can say the same about any other actresses on that show.

Charlie’s Angeles was a hit for ABC because of the three girls on the show. Women love seeing strong women on TV and women who are in charge and don’t get pushed around. Guys love seeing beautiful sexy women kick ass.

Today shows that feature beautiful sexy female cops, or law enforcement officers, or private detectives, who kick ass are very common. CSI, Law & Order SVU, are just a couple of examples of that. But in the late 1970s and early 1980s that wasn’t very common.

Charlie’s Angels was truly groundbreaking TV for how they featured strong independent women. So in that sense it was a great show and historic. And Jacklyn Smith was a big part of that and I believe the star of that show. 

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