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Bitcoin Faucets: Dennis Miller Live- Christopher Hitchens (1999)

Source:Bitcoin Faucets- Christopher Hitchens & Dennis Miller: Who's funnier?
"Christopher Hitchens on Dennis Miller Live - 1999"

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Chris Hitchens, doing a great impersonation of Ayn Rand on Dennis Miller. And I believe he wasn’t a fan of her, but what he’s saying is that you always go off the best evidence available and that you should always do your own thinking. Hum, what part of that do I disagree with? Nothing! 

When you come from parents who aren’t religious at all, you tend to believe in little things like reason and evidence, instead of religion. Which is a  big story in my family. When you have a mother who at best is an Agnostic and your father is a flaming Atheist (perhaps to the left of both Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher combined) whose totally against religion whether it comes from the East or West. 

Always trust yourself and the real evidence in front of you. And if you can’t do that, then you’re probably not very bright, or you have self-confidence issues. And perhaps you need someone to babysit you and do your thinking for you.

As far as Bill Clinton, Billy Jeff (as I call Bill Clinton) was Chris Hitchens biggest target in the 1990s. Hitchens, was a self-described Democratic Socialist and essentially believed that everyone had the right to live off of the welfare state and not have to work for themselves. 

Clinton, being a Center-Left New Democrat, believed that physically and mentally able people on Welfare should work. And that government could help them improve themselves so they can get themselves a good job. But at the end of the day people who could and needed income to survive were going to work for it, unless they could get someone else to pay their bills for them voluntarily. 

Clinton transformed the Democratic Party from more of a social democratic, big government party from the 1970s and 1980, to a positive government party. That wanted to use government to improve people’s lives, but not run them for them.

As far as what they’re talking about with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski: hey, today’s closeted Socialists, I mean Progressives (no, I mean closeted Socialists) always say that America should be more like France. Well, they got that with Bill Clinton. Not sure you be elected President of the French Republic without at least one sex scandal in your background. You would be looked down upon as being too conservative and responsible or something. 

Clinton had a phonebook of sex scandals in his career and his popularity only went up as a result. He served six terms as Governor of Arkansas and then two terms as President of the United States. You could at the very least argue that the second job was a promotion. I don’t think you go that far in life (and I’m not talking about flying from Little Rock to Washington) with the jobs he had without being popular. So Billy Jeff’s sex scandals only seemed to help him. 

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