Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Emi Music: Tom Cochrane- 'Life is a Highway'

Source:Tom Cochrane- life is a highway.

Source:The Daily View 

“Music video by Tom Cochrane performing Life Is A Highway.” 

From Tom Cochrane

Source:IMDB- Tom Cochrane: life is a highway.
“Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long!” Tom Cochrane is really on to something with those lyrics. To use a cliche: “life is a marathon and not a sprint.” Meaning you’re going to around a long time, you might as well enjoy it and not try to accomplish everything at once, or let one setback and negative thing destroy you. So you should make out of life as much as you can and live your own life instead of trying to live someone else’s, or trying to live like someone else. Your favorite celebrity (if you have to have one) should be just that. The famous person you like and admire most.

But remember your idols have their lives and you have yours. And not everything they do in how they live their life will work for you. And in many cases work against you and get you into trouble.

So we should all be ourselves and be the person we can be and make ourselves happy, but not try to be something we’re not simply because we think that would make us cool or awesome or whatever, at that time.

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