Monday, September 19, 2016

Real Time With Bill Maher: Christopher Hitchens- in 2010

Source:Daily Hitchens- Columnist Christopher Hitchens, on Real Time With Bill Maher, in 2010.
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Source:Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher, in 2010.
From Daily Hitchens

The way I look at Catholics and Christians in general when it comes to terrorists and other bad apples like child molesters, is the way I look at Muslims in this sense. There are roughly two-billion Muslims in the world, maybe a hundred-thousand of them are terrorists. You could do a lot with a military of a hundred-thousand especially if you're a mid-size country. But out of two-billon people that is not much of an army when it comes to percentages.
The overwhelmingly majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful people. Who may have far-right cultural views, but not to the point they're willing to kill themselves and others to express those views.

I'm not Catholic, even though a lot of Germans Americans and otherwise are Catholic or Lutheran, but most Catholics are good moral people. The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in the early and mid two-thousands, was a horrible scandal with a lot of people hurt badly. But if that scandal represented Catholicism in general, we would see a lot more people come forward and share their abuse stories at the hands of Catholic priests and other Catholic leaders.

Chris Hitchens and to a certain extent Bill Maher, are guilty of over-generalizing here. 

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  1. You can also see this post at The Daily Times: on Blogger.


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