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The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Shelley Winters- August, 1987

Source:The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Interviewing Hollywood Goddess Shelley Winters: August, 1987.
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: 08/28/1987...Shelley Winters -Newest Cover Popular Reality

Source:The Daily Review- Hollywood Goddess Shelley Winters, on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: August, 1987.
From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

If Shelley Winters wasn't the great actress that she was, she probably would have been a standup comedian, or a variety show comedian doing skit-comedy, or a talk show host. She was an enormous talent (not physically) and personality who had an incredible wit and intelligence. Literally not just one of the best actress's who has ever lived, but one of the greatest personalities and comedians as well.

Shelley was a great entertainer who reminds me a lot of the great Ginger Rogers as far as an entertainer who combined such great talent for the dramatic, who also had a great personality and was very funny. Who was both very adorable and yet very bright and funny all in the same package.

Johnny Carson, was perfect for Shelley, because he was also very bright and had a very quick off the cuff humor and perhaps shared the exact same sense of humor as Shelley. So they related very well and could make fun of the same things and shared similar experiences. Like being married enough times to produce enough kids to fill up the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. Or both having enough spouses combined (if not by themselves) to fill out an LAPD police lineup. They also knew each other very well.

When Johnny was interviewing Shelley Winters, or someone like that, or a Burt Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, he was interviewing actors who could match him joke for joke and even sound funnier. 

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