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USA Today: Dan Carney- 'Football is Foreign to American Values'

Source:USA Today- Sunday Night Football on NBC's Michele Tafoya, talking to a Baltimore Raven in 2015. 
"Football is America’s game. We know this because the NFL says so, and because it attracts huge audiences. But mostly we know it because there’s a holiday dedicated to giving thanks for it."

From USA Today Opinion

"Asking Americans some questions about football

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Source:The Life of Baha- talking about American football.
From The Life of Baha

I can’t think of another sport other than maybe baseball that represents America better than American football. Think about it: America represents almost everything that Americans love about America: winners and losers, finale, hard work, teamwork, reward for success, physical play, toughness, violence, fair play, the game is designed for TV, for if no other reason that the field is a hundred yards long and roughly fifty yards wide. Not that different from an average TV set today.

American football, is a working man’s game and even a working woman’s game as well. It is a sport for hard-working middle class Americans which most of us are. Unlike golf and even soccer, which is about as yuppie and coffee-house a sport as there is anywhere in the world.

I can see why Socialists in and outside of America don’t even like football, or prefer soccer, or even a combination of those things for the reasons why football represents America so well. With Socialists, the idea of winning and succeeding is somehow considered selfish if it is done on a an individual basis.

With soccer, the idea is not to win and to even score, but to prevent your opponents from winning and scoring. Ties, are like kissing your sister, or eating a cheeseburger dry, or without fries. Somehow doesn’t seem satisfying in America. But for Socialists: “What’s wrong with a tie? Not about losing, but about how you play the game.”American football can’t be that bad if you got a billion people or more every year watching our Super Bowl. America only has three-hundred and twenty-million people and still growing.

Americans, are a people on to themselves. Other than maybe Canadians I think you’re going to have a hell of a time finding a nationality that is anything like us. We are the true rebels on this planet where we actually expect to get out of life what we put into it. Unlike most of the rest of the developed world where it is not about individual success, but about how everyone else is doing.

With American sports and football is the perfect example of this: we expect one team to win and to know who had the better team at least for that one game. Because again we like winners and losers and whole concept is very foreign to especially Europeans who prefer soccer and collectivism.

It’s easy to see why soccer is so loved in Europe and the rest of the developed world outside of America and Canada. But there isn’t another sport again other than maybe baseball that better represents America and Americans like American football.

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