Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Floyd Anderson: 'Hunter S. Thompson's Famous 9/11 Interview'

Source:Floyd Anderson- one of Hunter S. Thompson's many books.
“Hunter S. Thompson 9/11 Interview 8/29/2002”

Source:Floyd Anderson

Source:The Daily Review- Hunter S. Thompson: an American original.

I don’t quite see George W. Bush as the devil that a lot on the lets say further Left, if not New-Left, or even Far-Left do. I see President Bush 43, more as an average guy who was way over his head and had he stayed in Texas, probably would have been fairly successful there. But I don’t disagree with much if anything that Hunter Thompson said in this video.

The Bush Administration, at least the National Security Council, wanted Iraq and 9/11 and the so-called weapons of mass destruction, became the original reason for invading a country that was simply not capable of even defending itself. I mean how long was the 2003 invasion, a week, maybe a month. It looked like a state high school football championship team taking on a winless freshman team in a football game.

By the anniversary of 9/11 in and even before that in the summer of 2002, the Bush National Security Council, had already decided it was going to invade Iraq and knock out the Saddam Hussein Regime. It was just a matter of finding enough evidence to get a divided Congress with a Republican House and Democratic Senate and the American people to back them.

Hunter Thompson, the smart guy he was, knew this and that is what he’s talking about here. “What comes after Afghanistan?” In the so-called War on Terror. And they decided that since the terrorists hit us from Afghanistan, we should attack a country and a dictator who had nothing to do with that. Which is what you call Neoconservative thinking. Which is an insult to real thinking everywhere in the world. 

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