Monday, January 18, 2016

All About Judy: Judy Garland- The Jack Paar Program (1962)

Source:All About Judy- Jack Paar and Judy Garland on The Jack Paar Show. 
"This interview is a fan favorite. Judy was in great shape, relaxed and very funny. We can also see what a great storyteller she was when she talks about growing up in vaudeville, her days at MGM and her live concerts. She sings "Little Drops of Rain", "Paris Is a Lonely Town" and "Mewsette", from Gay Puree." 

From All About Judy

Before GetTV started playing reruns of The Judy Garland Show on every Monday night starting back in October, I had heard of her, but didn't know much about her. 

I thought Judy Garland was an actress from the 1940s, or something and didn't have much if any idea who she was. That is the advantage of these great classic TV and movie networks is that it gives people such as myself who didn't start watching TV at all until the early 1980s a chance to see what entertainment, Hollywood and what life was like before I was born. 

Today the Millennial Generation, who are all about now and everything before that is old school to them, which is bad to them doesn't seem to grasp. But because GetTV plays The Judy Garland Show I now have a good idea who she was.

Judy Garland, was a hell of an actress, singer and comedian. She was good and funny enough to perform with, well Jack Paar. But Johnny Carson, the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra and many other great performers. 

Judy was adorable, she was very lively, very funny and loved doing her job. She was probably a singer first, but she was a good actress and she was very funny and could make people laugh and also had one of the best and cutest laughs you'll ever see. As you see in this video on Jack Paar. 

The whole thing about these studio executives who didn't see her as attractive, I don't get that at all. Was she Sophia Loren or Marilyn Monroe, or Lana Turner? Of course not, but most women and even entertainers are not. She was very cute, pretty, and very good at what she was. Which is one of the best and most versatile entertainers of all-time. 

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