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The Charlie Rose Show: Barbara Walters-Jane Fonda Interview (2006)

Source:The Charlie Rose Show- ABC News anchor Barbara Walters, interviewing Hollywood Goddess Jane Fonda, in 2006.

“Jane Fonda discusses her book “My Life So Far” and her personal relationships with parents, Henry Fonda and Frances Ford Seymour; husbands, Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden, and Ted Turner; and daughter Vanessa Vadim.” 

From Charlie Rose 

“Jane Fonda: The actress, the activist, the feminist and the author. She’s been hated and loved by so many. In a exclusive interview with Stina Dabrowski they talk .

Jane Fonda talks to The View about her latest film Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, and her life now. SUBSCRIBE for more celebrity interviews: .” 

Source:The Charlie Rose Show- Hollywood Goddess Jane Fonda being interviewed by ABC News anchor Barbara Walters, in 2006.

From Tennie Swanberg

Source:Marmar- Hollywood Goddess Jane Fonda, talking to Barbara Walters in 2006 
"Jane Fonda interview with Barbara Walters {FULL}"

From Murmar

At risk of sounding exactly as I wrote with what I put on my Google+, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook accounts, (do I have enough social network accounts?) I love the realness of Jane Fonda. There’s nothing phony about her, at least in real-life. Keep in mind she’s an actress and a damn good one and as I said in my last piece about her, the best actress of the Silent Generation not including Liz Taylor. So she can play real as well as it can be done, at least onstage. And since I’m not the purely cynical asshole that I tend to get seen as, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt here. And say she’s truly a real person in real-life. What you see for good and I believe at least the majority is good and for bad and I have my own political and judgment issues with her, what you see is what you get.

Despite Jane’s Far-Left, collectivist, public politics there’s a real individualistic side to Jane Fonda that says people should be who they are and then own that. Instead of feeling the need to fit in and be other people. Which is exactly how I look at life as a Liberal.

Personal freedom can never be real if individuals are not only free to be themselves, but then accept that and take advantage of that. But to paraphrase Jane, then you have to own who you are: “This is who I am as a person for good and bad. This is where I do well and perhaps could do better. This is where I come up short and need to work on to be a complete person.” Not that you try to be perfect, but that you’re as good of a person that you can be. Because you know who you are and where you’re strong. While you’re improving at your flaws.

Without Jane Fonda’s activism against the Vietnam War and how big she was with the anti-war movement and the broader New-Left, I don’t know there’s a whole lot to criticize her about. I don’t think there would be much that is controversial about her.

The Christian-Right would still get on Jane Fonda about sexual movies in the 1960s like Barbarella, but that was in the 1960s at the heart of the Counter Culture and Cultural Revolution. And today if anything she’s still very popular, because she did movies like that and others like The Chapman Report, that looks at sex between married couples as well as adultery. Which was still very controversial in 1962.

Jane Fonda, is someone who you really have to look at the whole picture before you make up her mind about her. Because she’s truly a complete and real person who can’t be looked at as good, or bad, or in black and white. Because like life in general she’s complicated.  

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